junio 18, 2024

Sinopec concluye la perforación del pozo de exploración geotérmica más profundo de China a 5.200 metros

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China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (HKG: 0386, known as “Sinopec”) has accomplished a significant feat by concluding the drilling of the deepest geothermal exploration well in China, named the Fushen-1 Well, located in Hainan, with an impressive depth of 5,200 meters. This milestone achievement has shed light on the mechanisms underlying deep geothermal formation and enrichment in South China. The breakthrough in exploring hot dry rock, both in terms of geographical region and depth, holds immense importance in bolstering the large-scale development and utilization of geothermal resources in South China. Furthermore, it aids in the adjustment of the region’s energy structure.

The primary objective of drilling the Fushen-1 Well was to reach the granite layer dating back 250 million years. Since the commencement of exploration in August 2023, Sinopec has leveraged a range of independently developed innovative technologies. These include the utilization of dual-drive drilling and high-pressure injection techniques, enabling the company to achieve the temperature limit specified by national energy industry standards for hot dry rock. Additionally, Sinopec has developed key technologies for the detection and evaluation of deep geothermal resources.

Moving forward, Sinopec plans to conduct extensive research and field tests at the Fushen-1 Well site. The company strives to create the inaugural platform that merges research, education, and experimentation in exploring deep geothermal resources in South China. This initiative seeks to formulate theoretical methods and technical systems applicable to the region, thereby contributing to China’s pursuit of the “Dual-Carbon” goal.

The development and utilization of deep geothermal energy hold immense promise. As a stable, reliable, green, and low-carbon renewable energy resource, deep geothermal energy offers several advantages, including vast reserves, wide distribution, and environmental friendliness. According to geological surveys in China, the hot dry rock geothermal resources located between 3 kilometers and 10,000 meters underground cover an area equivalent to 856 trillion tons of standard coal. Even if only 2 percent of these resources are extracted, they could satisfy China’s annual energy consumption needs nearly 2,993 times over, based on 2023 figures.

Sinopec is steadfast in its commitment to becoming a leading enterprise in the development and utilization of geothermal energy. The company has already amassed an impressive geothermal heating capacity, nearing 100 million square meters. It has undertaken several multi-million-square-meter regional geothermal heating projects, many of which are already operational.

Sinopec’s dedication to high-efficiency exploration has led to significant strides in core technologies. The company has surpassed industry standards, producing over 50 percent of industry standards and setting China’s first international geothermal association standard. In 2023, Sinopec hosted the 7th World Geothermal Congress (WGC2023) in Beijing, further solidifying its commitment to advancing geothermal energy on a global scale.